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Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements to Earn a Diploma (Board Policy 6146.1*)
*Full text of board policy is available at


1. Earn two hundred sixty (260) units. The required subjects are listed in section 3. The remainder may be

additional required subjects or electives..


2. Classes that meet 5 periods per week earn 5 units. Students who transfer will have units prorated by

individual counseling.


3. Completion of the following is required:

a. Successfully complete Senior Board Presentation of the Senior Project

b. 40 units of English with requirements established at each grade level

c. 30 units of social science, including World History, American History, American Government and


d. 20 units of mathematics, including the completion of Integrated Math 1

e. 20 units of science, of which 10 are physical and 10 are biological sciences

f. 20 units of physical education

g. 10 units of visual and performing arts, foreign language, or career technical education

h. 10 units of State Requirements

i. Beginning in 2029-2030, one semester of Ethnic Studies


4. Attend eight semesters, unless early graduation is approved by the site Principal